​Which Ionic Lithium Batteries or PowerHouse Lithium Batteries to use in my Boat?

​Which Ionic Lithium Batteries or PowerHouse Lithium Batteries to use in my Boat?

Posted by Randy Sullivan on Jan 30, 2024

When it comes to either PowerHouse lithium batteries or Ionic lithium batteries, to get the most bang for your buck, its a good idea to know exactly the best battery for a trolling motor and the best marine cranking battery for a particular set up. Luckily, PowerHouse and Ionic have an encompassing line to cover most fishing rigs.

The best lithium trolling motor battery is typically dependent on the angler and his or her specific needs. Someone who doesn’t plan on rolling down the banks like a hardcore tournament angler or spending most of the day strolling, will find they will not have any issues with a smaller battery. Those who tend to turn the trolling motor on high for upwards of twelve hours on the water will need the bigger battery. With this mind, the lithium battery I would recommend for the casual angler is the 12v 50Ah or 60 AH. Two of the 12V 50Ah Ionic batteries or two of the 12v 60Ah PowerHouse deep cycle batteries ran on a 24v trolling motor or three on a 36v trolling motor will be more than enough power to last during a tournament day. Most of the boats we rig here at Brushy Creek Marine opt for the 50Ah hour batteries. That being said, for a touring angler or for an angler who spends much of the day strolling, the 12v 100ah batteries would probably become necessary. A 36v trolling motor powered by three 100Ah 12v lithium batteries is a powerhouse. Any batteries bigger than that would be straight overkill.

Ionic has two marine batteries that can be used as cranking batteries: the regular 125Ah and then its beefier counterpart the 1100 CCA 125Ah battery. For most engines 250 horsepower or less, the regular 125 Ah fits the bill perfectly. It produces 900 CCA, which Mercury fourstrokes and Yamaha fourstrokes at 250 both need to start properly. Bigger engines would need to take the step up to the 1100 CCA starter battery. As far as juice for electronics is concerned, the 125Ah will run three fishfinders all day efficiently. Any more than three and one might consider adding anothing 125Ah in a 12v series to make sure they never run too low. 

PowerHouse lithium, on the other hand, has more of a focus on the separation of the cranking battery and a dedicated electronics battery.  The PowerHouse Lithium 12v 105Ah cranking battery comes with high CCA and less reserve capacity.  It is also equipped with an emergency start button, which will eliminate any worries of getting stranded on the water.  This battery will certainly run electronics but, in the case of a boat with a large number of units, an additional battery may be necessary.  This is precisely what the PowerHouse Lithium 16v batteries are designed for.  With the use of a Run-n-Gun charger, a 16v runs electronics on their highest possible voltage, potentially presenting the user with a cleaner forward facing sonar picture.