About Us

Our Mission

With over 60 years of combined fishing and outdoor experience, we at Brushy Creek Marine felt we should help others with our knowledge of fishing instruments.  Nothing can make a good day on the water turn sour like a failure in equipment.  With this understanding in mind, we have taken it upon ourselves to not only provide the best equipment, but share our extensive knowledge of how it can best be set up and used on the water to maximum effect.  

The Guys:



Randy Sullivan is our in-house Professional.  With four years on the Bassmaster Elite Series, six years as a professional, and any of his free time spent on the water, Randy is our go-to guy when it comes to the application of marine electronics on the water.  




Scott Williams is The Man when it comes to hardware knowledge of electronics, trolling motors, and all things boat rigging.  He is an avid angler in West Texas that, at a young age, started working on electric motors and electrical controls.  While navigating his way through the Industrial Electrical Field, he found the passion of rigging he and his friend's boats and repairing their trolling motors.