Trolling Motor Repair and Electronics Installation

Trolling Motor Repair and Electronics Installation

Posted by Randy Sullivan on Feb 01, 2024

Spring is right around the corner, and that means more active fish to catch.  For us, it also means more trolling motor repair and electronics installation.  We offer top tier services for both, and are happy to give advice on the best products and how to get that boat straightened out. 

Quality boat rigging really can mean the difference between a worry-free fishing season and one riddled with nagging problems.  Sometimes electronic equipment just fails, but, more often than not, we find that power supply failures and mounting failures are more common.  The cure to these ailments is to make sure everything installed properly and securely the first time.  Here on the blog, I cannot give precise instruction as there are a varying needs based on what exactly is being installed, but over the phone or through email we are happy to discuss anything boat related.

Trolling motors take a massive beating out fishing.  It just happens.  The good news is that we are equipped to handle just about any trolling motor problem.  Minn Kota Ultrex problems are some of my favorite issues to solve, mostly because they are easy to diagnose and repair.  The Lowrance Ghost is tough, but when they do break down its a little touchy to diagnose the exact problems.  Along with over-the-phone guidance, we hope to introduce more instructional videos for trolling motor repair and will continually add products to fill those needs.  Of course we offer trolling motor repair near Clyde Texas, but we can still lend our support to further locations.